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And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

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"Yeah but am I hurting enough to take a painkiller?”

- everyone with chronic pain ever

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"A note: sick girls and sick boys, you deserve someone who loves you NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ILLNESS IS. Not “in spite of being sick” but because of who you are, because YOU ARE AWESOME to them no matter WHAT."
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all girls are fucking beautiful and if you try to make them feel like they aren’t because they have fuzzy legs or chubby bellies fuck you

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You guys, I have been so excited for my future the past few days and I can’t tell you how great that feeling is. When I get a job, I get to LIVE with anotherwaytostand! After nearly five years of medium-distance relationship! Wow!

And then soon after that, once we all have the money, we’re going to get an apartment with two VERY amazing people (s’up, applejunkie27 & tylertaylor13)! Like, do you know how excited I am to live with these three? The answer is extremely excited.

idk, I’ve been really happy lately and I just wanted to document that. Things are looking up and I keep thinking of that ~future’s so bright i gotta wear shades~ quote, so yeah. \o/

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A word of advice to trans women




Go to your nearest target. Buy a two pack of pushup bras (24$ for 2), and target’s bra inserts (12$). Then go to your nearest Walmart and buy the Vasserette Control Shapewear Panties (2.50 each), they do wonders for helping your tuck. There you go! You just saved yourself a lot of money, you can afford to buy enough to wear every day, and best of all you look fabulous. -@twidx

recs for trans women are so rare on tumblr!! spread this, people.

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